Rincon Business Listings

  • Electrician Sammy bi-lingual 787-314-6418
  • Painter Brushes on Fire – Bob Anderson 401-575-8252
  • Appliance RepairSilva Appliance Repair 787-868-2569
  • Plumber Julio Tirado Pronto Plumbing Bi-lingual 787-314-3988 website www.prontoplumbingpr.com
  • Excavator David Ramos Bi-lingual 787-560-4683
  • Excavator Raul Torres Spanish Only 787-375-2358
  • Barbwire Fence Bi-lingual Kiko 939-283-3310
  • Ferrier Felipe Bi-lingual 787-358-9344
  • Iron Gates Luis Spanish Only 787-379-5335
  • Babysitter Naomi Hobbs English Only 787-246-9746
  • Petsitter Rhianna Bi-lingual 787-560-0944
  • Vet Housecalls Melanie Bi-lingual 787-428-1289
  • Dog Trainer & Dog Sitter PAW Terrie 787.235.6736
  • Bee Keeper  Rafael and Luis 787-629-8979
  • Carpenter Terry Norman English 415-377-3319

Others we maybe haven’t used but have been told about

  • Construction / Cement Work Gilberto Vega 787-586-4450
  • Plumber Carlos 787-320-3323
  • Plumber Jose (787) 629-8564 or 787-823-4888
  • Plumber Tony  787 823 3881 or 787-594-4161

Bee Keepers – thank you Myrla Colón for this list

  • Sr. Ian Carlo Pagan 787-424-0145
  • Sr. José Ariel Muñoz 787-243-5855
  • Sr. Néstor Otero 787-831-0985
  • Sr. Carlos Días Piferer 787-265-3879
  • Sr. Jorge Torres 787-265-2627

Puerto Rico Environmental Links/Information/Resources

Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico – oversees many of the environmental protection concerns of Puerto Rico, 155 Calle Tetuán, San Juan, 787/722-5834, Tues.–Sat. 10am–4pm.  Visitors can peruse exhibits and pick up printed information on its projects. www.fideicomiso.org

Por Puerto Rico – Political party http://porpuertorico.com

Scuba Dogs Society – Dedicated to marine conservation in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Water and Environment Association – PRW&EA is a nonprofit professional organization dedicated to foster and educate about the fields of drinking and wastewater.

Sierra Club of Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico chapter of the national environmental group.

Mi Puerto Rico Verde – Puerto Rico environmental news

Junta Anbiental – Environmental awareness website

Fundación Puertorriqueña de Conservaciónwhose mission is to conserve biodiversity and natural resources of the island for the benefit of present and future generations

Comite Cabo Rojenos Pro Salud y Ambiente – http://www.proambientepr.org/comite_caborrojeno/pagina_principal/pagina_principal.html

Insituto Universitario para el Desarrollo de las Comunidadeshttp://comunidadespr.ece.uprm.edu/IAPComunidades/site/commitment.jsp

Puerto Rico Gap Analysis Project – Provides info about biodiversity, land cover, aquatic habitats, animal sepcies and protected areas. http://prgap.org/

Revista Atabey – An online environmental magazine based in Puerto Rico.

Surfrider San Juan –

Surfrider Rincon –

DRNA – Department Resources Naturales y Ambientales –

Rescata Playas Isabela,

Vida Marina – Dedicated to reducing marine waste in Puerto Rico.

Yo Limpio a Puerto Rico – an environmental education program created in 1997 by Ignacio Barsottelli to create awareness, educate and move the population to go for cleaning the environment.

Autoridad de Desperdicios Sólidos – Puerto Rico solid waste authority

Puerto Rico Environmental Public Policy Act – the amended act, NO. 416 from 2004

Puerto Rico Recycling Partnership – promoting materials source reduction, clean composting, reuse, and recycling through a working partnership including government (at all levels), non-profit organizations, citizens, environmental groups, and the private sector

Coralations – Conserving the coral reefs in the Caribbean

US EPA – http://www.epa.gov/aboutepa/states/pr.html

DRNA Regulation for the use, surveillance, conservation and management of the territorial waters, submerged lands and therunder and the maritome zone Amendmnets – http://www.drna.gobierno.pr/oficinas/arn/recursosvivientes/costasreservasrefugios/pmzc/reglamentos/REG_4860_English.pdf

Reforesta, Inc. – Dedicated to helping Puerto Rico reforestation.

Illustrated Encyclopedia of Puerto Rico – http://www.proyectosalonhogar.com/puerto_rico/prenglish.htm

REDIS 2104 report – A Porta del Sol develpoment action plan – http://www.partnersforcommunitypr.org/images/stories/REDIS%202014%20FINAL.pdf

Desarrollo Integral del Sur, Inc – Company representing a number of Puerto Rico municipalities for the assessment of abandoned and contaminated site

Ferraiuoli LLC – Lawfirm http://www.ferraiuoli.com/2011/?id=theFirm&l=5

Puerto Rico Water Resources and Environmental Institutehttp://ece.uprm.edu/prwrri/